Marie Portolano debuts on Télématin with a shy arrival.


New Season on France 2

It’s the start of the school year on France 2! The channel’s faithful were no doubt happy to see Thomas Sotto back at the helm of Télématin on Wednesday, August 30th. And he wasn’t alone. Indeed, the journalist was accompanied by his new partner: Marie Portolano. Together they will now present the news from Monday to Thursday.

Replacing Julia Vignali

For her much anticipated debut, however, Marie Portolano was not to be overly enthusiastic and was therefore presented without exaggeration. “Good morning everyone and good morning Thomas!” she said first. And for her acolyte to respond: “Welcome to your new home, we are very, very happy to welcome you to Télématin. How was it this morning?” “It was, yes it’s okay…,” Marie Portolano timidly confirmed. “Thank you for the welcome!” After that, the wife of Grégoire Ludig introduced the columnists who opened the program with them, namely Axel de Tarlé, Anicet Mbida and Haron Tanzit. “Welcome and happy back to school!” she addressed them. Marie Portonalo then wasted no time and immediately launched her newspaper with great seriousness!

Departure from M6

Let us recall that Marie Portolano was poached from M6, the channel where she officiated for two years and where she completed only three seasons of The Best Baker. Her departure was so quick that the young woman will be on the air both on France 2 and M6 since the new season of the culinary competition starts on September 6th. A situation that does not please her former team. “We learned almost at the end of the shoot,” Cyril Lignac regretted in an interview with Télé Câble Sat. And for him to add in all transparency: “Of course, we were disappointed because we love Marie”. After the official announcement of Marie Portolano’s departure, it was Nicolas de Tavernost, M6’s boss, who also confided on the subject to L’Équipe. The latter then made a small jab at his now ex-employee. “In any case, she proves her sporting character by running a lot from one channel to another,” he said. Bitterness or not, Nicolas de Tavernost wished Marie Portolano “good luck in her new position”.


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