Venice Festival 2023: Caterina Murino wins at opening gala.


Caterina Murino: A Radiant Godmother

I wonder if the saying “wet bride, lucky bride” also applies to godmothers. Certainly Caterina Murino did not let the rain stop her. Until the last minute, the professionals of the 80th International Film Festival were in doubt: let’s move everything inside? postpone? But in the end the traditional bath at the Lido, which gives the Festival the go-ahead, the actress wanted to do it properly: on the sand, barefoot, in front of the sea of the Excelsior Hotel, despite the water bomb of less than an hour before and the temperature from the already started autumn. And more than all the other godmothers who preceded her, the actress did not spare herself. To play with the waves, never so high, with the photographers, until she lay down on the sand. “Like a mermaid,” the cries of those around her. Caterina Murino is radiant, in a light blue dress, bare shoulders, ready for the opening ceremony tomorrow.

The Life of Caterina Murino

Forty-five years old, former Bond Girl, Amfer’s testimonial since 2006, so much international cinema behind her, she has been living in Paris for twenty years and in the most romantic of cities she has also found love (we read Edouard Riguad, French lawyer). The speech she will give tomorrow in the great hall of the Lido of Venice has even been memorized by her two cats, Ilithya and Hercule. Her first time in the competition at the International Film Festival had been for The Seed of Discord by Pappi Corsicato. It was 2008. With that film, she said, she only made peace with the passing of time.

Caterina Murino’s Debut

And today? “I’m fatalistic, being a godmother in Venice is a gift, I’m over the moon,” she told Ansa. And again: “I will be spontaneous, a hostess.” The debut, in case it was necessary to give a vote, was ten out of ten. Keep going like this.


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