Married at First Sight: Couple Splits After Big Hurdle


The Couple’s Live on Instagram

Léa and Emmanuel’s unexpected break was only a week after the balance was broadcast, and it was Estelle and Maximilien’s turn to speak. Through a live on Instagram, the spouses addressed their communities to give their news, explain their feelings about the experience of “Married at First Sight” and reveal where their couple is.

The Big Obstacle of Distance

In addition to the omnipresence of Estelle’s father, Bulent, the two lovebirds had to cope with another very big obstacle: distance. Despite all their efforts, this obstacle proved to be insurmountable. Maximilien explained, “Our big problem was the distance, because we have the kids. It forced a choice and this choice was not feasible from the start, for her, as for me. We still wanted to give ourselves a chance after the balance, to see life afterwards… But the end result is that the distance with Estelle has been very difficult to manage in the aftermath of Married at First Sight, communication, not seeing each other, our respective schedules…”

The Difficult Decision to Separate

Resigned, the couple finally saw the truth and eventually made a difficult decision. Estelle affirmed, “We have almost three hours of distance between us! I felt that it wouldn’t work. I understood that I had to leave, that I couldn’t and that it was useless,” and Maximilien concluded, “We wanted to try for a few weeks after. We saw that it didn’t work. (…) I told Estelle that I wanted to end the relationship, she understood and accepted. We decided to separate a few weeks after the balance. Today, we are divorced.” Despite the break-up, Estelle and Maximilien are on good terms since they took this decision together. It is also together that they shot this live on Instagram. No resentment seems to overwhelm them and that’s a good thing!


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