Marta Riesco warns Antonio David, competes with new pro project.


Turbulent Week for Marta Riesco

This week has been very turbulent for Marta Riesco. The journalist recently revealed a difficult situation she experienced with a former partner, which generated a lot of controversy and divided reactions between her supporters and those of the other person involved. “I woke up and there was nothing left. When I called him he said he had taken the clothes because it was winter and that night we were going to a hotel to have a romantic date” she explained, and lamented that “I realized that his intention had never been to reconcile, nor do I think he was ever in love with me like I was. So, after having felt empowered, I went back to the hole”.

Divided Reactions

The story has generated a lot of controversy and very divided reactions between the people who support the former collaborator of ‘Sálvame’ on social networks and the people who support the reporter. The young woman has had to face many criticisms for telling what happened, although this Sunday she has indicated that she is very clear that her ex will give her the right. “Everything I said, absolutely everything, from beginning to end is true,” she said, firmly, to defend a YouTuber who had mocked her for sharing her hard process of overcoming the breakup. The journalist has reproached the behaviors of these people and has assured that “they seek to humiliate, seek to laugh and ridicule. They are misogynists and they speak this way about women”.

Marta’s New Project

Marta Riesco has launched a possible indirect message to her ex and his followers. In addition, the journalist has assured that she has no doubt that, despite the unfriendly breakup she had with her former partner, she is convinced that he will hit the table. She has also shared the pages of a book she is reading, in which she has underlined a particular phrase: “Despite everything, your psychopathic partner will not hesitate to blame you for everything in front of the whole world”. She has also shown some videos and photos of Diego Arrabal, Juanjus de CanalJuajoVlog, Marina Esnal… which she has compiled in a video of her profile, in which she has announced her new project: her own YouTube channel. The journalist will be released soon on the social network, which will mean a new twist in her career that will not leave anyone indifferent. The ex-girlfriend of her former partner is willing to directly compete with the ex-husband of Rocío Carrasco and has made it very clear that she has a lot to tell. “How am I going to have fun… how am I going to have fun with this witch’s brew” she commented in an Instagram story.


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