Marwan Berreni Accident: Victim Can’t Walk, Terrible Consequences


Suspicion of Violent Crash

For several days now, Marwan Berreni has been raising a lot of questions. The actor, known for his role as Abdel Fedal in the former cult French TV series Plus belle la vie, is currently being sought by the police. He is suspected of violently crashing his 4×4 Mercedes into a young woman in Mâcon, in front of the nightclub Le Club 400 on the evening of August 3rd. Although the vehicle was found in the region – a picture was even revealed – and it was established that it belonged to Marwan Berreni, he himself is nowhere to be found. Even his close ones have no news.

Victim’s Injuries

Greatly injured, the victim can no longer move. “We tried to put me in a wheelchair. Now I can’t walk anymore,” she sadly told the newspaper. She also shared her brief memories of the drama: “The vehicle had plenty of time to stop or pass. I didn’t want to go through there, my dog was going to bark at the people in front of the nightclub”.

Marylou Salvatori’s Statement

In the face of all the comments flooding social media, Marylou Salvatori also broke her silence. The actress, also seen in Plus belle la vie, is none other than Marwan Berreni’s partner. Also without news from him, she addressed the “curious” internet users and the “inappropriate” messages. “I urge them to be patient or to move on. We are all devastated and worried, and I ask you to respect this place of intimacy. Thank you”. It should be remembered that the police went to Marwan Berreni’s home, which is in the Mâcon region, in vain. For the moment, however, “no charges have been brought against him” without further evidence. He is simply expected as a witness in the case.


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