Maximo Huerta Wedding: No Marriage to Juan, Not a Fan of Weddings


Censorship in Literature

Censorship in literature is the topic of the meeting ‘Free Books’, conducted by Máximo Huerta and accompanied by works such as ‘Madame Bovary’, ‘The Metamorphosis’ and ‘Frankenstein’, which at the time were prohibited for moral, political or religious reasons. “They considered them provocative, inciting to desire and lust,” says the former presenter.

Mrs. Leo’s Bookstore

SOON: And surely these works are in your local, ‘Mrs. Leo’s Bookstore.’ MAXIMO HUERTA: Obviously. The bookstore works very well, I am very happy because it has become a cultural reference in the town of Buñol. Setting up this business is a dream come true.

Love and Patience

P.: Are you happier in your bookstore than in the minister’s office? M.H.: Here I am much calmer. P.: And you have more time to take care of your mother. It must be very hard to be at her side and for her illness not to recognize you. M.H.: Yes, it’s hard and very sad. Taking care of her is a daily job of love and also of patience. P.: Another kind of love is that of your partner, Juan Castillo. Will we see you married? M.H.: No, because I am not in favor of weddings. P.: You are fine as you are, right? M.H.: Yes. Juan is a great life partner. We have been together for five years and we work side by side in the bookstore.


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