Meghan Markle Party: LA bash without Prince Harry.


Meghan Markle’s Struggle for Attention

Meghan Markle keeps trying, but so far she hasn’t been successful in her endeavor. Those who know her well had already predicted a dramatic exit to draw attention to herself after Prince Harry’s participation in the coronation of King Charles III, which only lasted a few hours. The opportunity came with the chase of the paparazzi in the car. Despite her repeated requests for privacy, the Duchess of Sussex seems to wither away from the spotlight and loves to be the center of attention. Furthermore, the accounts are not exactly flourishing, because Harry’s coffers are not as prosperous as he hoped. In short, the Duchess does not find peace.

Meghan’s Search for Fame

That’s why it makes news even when she leaves her husband at home to go to a party in Los Angeles with other celebrities (assuming she still has this title, given that her popularity has plummeted in the United States). The royal expert journalist Petronella Wyatt, who supports the theory that Meghan is seen out more and more often without Harry, also speaks about it. Obviously, with him next to her, the attention goes elsewhere and she can’t live without it. Television reporter Tim Dillon describes the couple at a popularity level equal to that of the lowest, that is, the reality stars. That’s why The Sun explains how she tries to shine with reflected light by making her way through the Hollywood royals to beg for friendship and protection. While expecting a return home as a queen, she didn’t realize she was losing support and clinging to the fame of others just to appear. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that, especially in closed and elite environments. And she should know that well: in the US her title counts for nothing and, despite interviews, docuseries and scandalous books, it seems that Meghan has no choice but to change music, in every sense, as suggested by The New York Post.

Meghan’s Failed Attempts at Gaining Attention

No, the media do not persecute her: it is she who exposes herself voluntarily and certainly not with “dirty dancing”, the forbidden dances of Patrick Swayze. Instead, it seems that she has spontaneously exhausted all possible topics to talk about herself and, on the other hand, she can’t find peace staying in the Montecito villa with her family taking care of the chickens and swimming in the pool. The life of a princess that she hoped for slipped through her fingers long before packing her bags from London.


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