Fauve Hautot Couple with Beau Jules Again? Muse Proof in Pics


The Mystery of Fauve Hautot and Jules Renault

In September 2022, our colleagues from Libération reported that Fauve Hautot was single again after several years of love with her handsome Jules Renault. But lately it seems that the supposed exes have reconnected. Already in March, shortly after the birthday of the star dancer of Dancing with the Stars, a photo circulated showing her at the restaurant with the professional photographer. On it, Fauve Hautot was seen with a big smile, about to blow out her candles not far from the young man. No details were given, however, about the nature of their relationship. It is certain, however, that whether they are a couple again or not, they have remained very close.

Confirmation of Reconnection on Instagram

On Wednesday 30 May, it was Jules Renault himself who confirmed it by sharing the result of one of his latest shootings on Instagram, for which Fauve Hautot was his star. On the beautiful black and white image, the beautiful red-haired artist was captured in a low angle. Apparently very proud of the image, Jules Renault even said he had finally framed it. In the caption of his post, he wrote: “Only”, meaning “the only one”. The main interested party slipped a little heart in the comments and then reposted her post in the story. The mystery remains, however, as to a return of flame between them.

Discretion About Private Life

The Internet users are not likely to know more soon since Fauve Hautot is very discreet about her private life. It is known, however, that before their possible breakup last autumn, she had been seeing Jules Renault since at least 2013. Rumors of them being in difficulty began to circulate in 2022, when the dancer appeared very close to her former dance partner Tayc, with whom she won Dancing with the Stars that year. If Fauve Hautot has never wanted to talk about it, the 26-year-old singer had eventually admitted that nothing had happened between them. “It’s the most beautiful meeting. One of the most beautiful meetings of my life today. We are always together. We adore each other, but no, we never hooked up,” he assured in an interview for Konbini. The mystery remains, however, as to a return of flame between them.


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