Patricia Donoso slams Ana Rosa Quintana in controversial letter.


Patricia Donoso’s Letter to Ana Rosa Quintana

Patricia Donoso has just been very blunt against one of the most visible and powerful faces of television, Ana Rosa Quintana. The former survivor, whom we know for being the alleged lover of José Ortega Cano and who had a short television career, has surprisingly published a story in the form of a letter in which she vents against the presenter and even throws her some warnings.

The Reign is Not Always Long

This happens just when the TV programs of ‘Fábrica de la Tele’ (such as ‘Deluxe’ and ‘Focus’) end, but not only of this program, but also of others of the Fábrica de la Tele, the main competitor of the producer of Ana Rosa, who will now remain in command of the Telecinco grid. “Dear Ana Rosa Quintana, in life you must learn not to spit upwards, because it can fall on your face. You counted with your ally to leave more than 200 people without a job that you never considered companions, but people you looked at with disdain. You vetoed me in your program, but to go for free to ‘Fiesta’ it was useful to you, but I did not do it for you, I did it for the wonderful people who work there”, she said, launching a few poisoned darts. “Today, believing that you had played your cards well, you have realized, or you will soon realize, that the move did not turn out as you thought. You managed to destroy 200 families, but you will not get much more and you will keep walking until they indicate where the exit door is”, she said, speaking as if she were having a premonition that, for the moment, has nothing to do with reality.

Laughing at Misfortune

Donoso even attacked where it hurts the most, and made reference to the illness that the presenter of ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’ overcame: “It is not good to rejoice in the misfortunes of others and less having gone through a Calvary in which everyone sympathized with you, sad that you did not learn anything from that ugly experience”. In addition, she adds: “If you thought you could control the TV station at your whim, you will have realized that this is not possible and that the reign has lasted less than the miscalculated stumble. Even so, the damage is done but you can no longer do more, you will be a time, they will smile at you and then they will fire you between compliments and maybe they will give you a ‘thank you’ …. In life, reigns are not always long because, among other things, they are called dictatorships“. Donoso shares a fragment of ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’ where they laugh at her. Then, Patricia Donoso has put a scene of ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’ in which Ana Rosa and her companions mock the lawyer. “This is what the professional Mrs. @anarosaquintana is dedicated to, laughing at the age difference I have with my second husband. You, precisely you. He who laughs last laughs best”, she threatened. The lawyer, very sincere, does not spare insults against Ana Rosa. “Have I laughed that at 50 years old I have had children? No. I applaud it and saw it for what it was, a brave woman. So it’s better that you dedicate yourself to doing your job than to criticizing the life of others”.


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