Patricia Pardo & Joaquin Prat: All About New Program Without ARQ


Ana Terradillos and Joaquín Prat to Lead Telecinco’s Morning Slot

We are learning more and more details about the new path that Telecinco will undertake from September. After the cancellation of ‘Sálvame’ after 14 years, it is also time to say goodbye to ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’, another of the chain’s most veteran programs. But not all its presenters and collaborators. As we have been able to learn, Ana Terradillos will take the lead of ‘La mirada crítica’, the former political and social current affairs morning show of the chain between 1998 and 2009 and in which professionals such as María Teresa Campos, Gloria Serra and Vicente Vallés participated. On the other hand, Joaquín Prat will become the face of ‘Vamos a ver’, a program that will combine current affairs with the world of paper couché and that will debut in the second part of the slot occupied by ‘El programa de AR’ and ‘Ya es mediodía’.

Patricia Pardo and Adriana Dorronsoro to Support Joaquín Prat

In addition, we have already been able to know that ‘Vamos a ver’ will be supported by Patricia Pardo in the section of current news, while it will also have Adriana Dorronsoro in the section of the pink press. The format does not seem to be far from what its predecessors have been, and neither has the role of Christian Gálvez’s girlfriend.

Ana Rosa Quintana to Take Over ‘Así es la vida’

Ana Rosa Quintana will take over from ‘Así es la vida’, the program that will replace the disappeared ‘Sálvame’ until the end of summer. ‘TardeAR’ is one of Telecinco’s most ambitious bets and she herself said that “nothing like it had ever been done on Telecinco” and that “it aspires to be the best infoshow on TV in Spain”.


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