Ainett Stephens: At 40, I feel more alive than ever!


Ainett Stephens Responds to Pino Insegno’s Comments

Pino Insegno, who will return to host the game show on Italian TV at the beginning of the next season, has already aired in 2006 on Italia Uno. At the time, Venezuelan model Ainett Stephens was at his side, playing the role of the Black Cat, a character who gave cards to contestants at some point in the game. Unlike Insegno, however, today Stephens would be “a bit too old, it’s been a long time”, so no longer suitable for the character. She remains an unforgettable icon of that program. For her, a beautiful forty-year-old, time has passed, but for him, who is 63 years old, it still goes very well to work on TV.

Ainett Stephens’s Response to Ageism

Stephens did not take kindly to Insegno’s words, and in a series of Stories on Instagram she replied sharply to her former colleague. “The person in charge of the show said that he did not confirm me because I have aged,” said the model. “I was more offended by this, seeing that today there are people who also have an important age and are still stuck to the old traditions according to which women at 40 are old, it is unacceptable,” she continued. And still: “40 is even more beautiful than 30 and 20 because today I have more awareness, and those little things that worried me when I was 20 years old certainly I don’t have them anymore now. Today, women no longer have to worry about not looking good, because we have the power to express ourselves, we have our own ideas and we no longer live subjugated by the boys. All this well-being that we women can enjoy has gone to benefit our physical and mental appearance, so we are more radiant. I feel more alive than ever, fresher than ever, more fascinating than ever.”

Ainett Stephens’s Final Message

Ainett Stephens, 41, replied to Insegno on Instagram. Never disturb the sleeping dog – an old adage goes – but also with cats, watch out. “I’m sorry if you used the wrong term, I would expect an apology at least. You can see me, I’m fine, life is beautiful. Good luck with the new show,” added Ainett.


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