Simona Tabasco – Emmy-nominated conquerer of America


A Bright Career Ahead

Black hair and eyes that perfectly match with red lipstick and nail polish. Magnetic gaze, spontaneous smile and that overwhelming and slightly cheeky elegance that reminds of Dolce Vita. It’s no coincidence that Simona Tabasco, who just turned 29, has conquered the American public. Of course, her acting skills are to be credited – she was recently nominated for an Emmy Award in 2023 as Best Supporting Actress in the HBO TV series The White Louts (aired in Italy on Sky Atlantic). But it is probably also her innate ability to perfectly embody the American ideal of the Italian woman that makes her so perfect for the US audience. One could say she is a Monica Bellucci in the making, if one didn’t risk putting her in a too narrow stereotype that she probably wouldn’t want to be in.

From Working on a Farm to Becoming a Stylist

Because Simona Tabasco probably has a bright career ahead of her, with many possible paths to take. From working on a farm to becoming a stylist, from being a DJ to a rock star, she hasn’t quite decided yet, as she declared in a recent interview for The Guardian. Or maybe a lingerie model, since Kim Kardashian recently chose her – along with her co-star Beatrice Grannò – as a social face for her underwear line Skims. Certainly Simona Tabasco’s journey has just begun, with this huge and sparkling international trampoline, which comes in the middle of an artistic career that started when she was very young.

A Private Life Kept Quite Private

Her screen debut was in 2014. Simona was just twenty and she entered the cast of Perez, a movie by Edoardo De Angelis in which she played Tea, the daughter of the protagonist, the Neapolitan lawyer Demetrio Perez (played by Luca Zingaretti). Then came television. At twenty-one, Simona was Nunzia “Nancy” Esposito in the Rai1 fiction series È arrivata la felicità. Shortly afterwards she was – still on Rai1 – the policewoman Alex Di Nardo in I bastardi di Pizzofalcone. The Italian television noticed her talent, despite her young age, and in 2015 Simona was the first godmother of the RomaFictionFest and then alongside Luca Argentero in the Italian medical drama Doc – Nelle tue mani. The leap, probably, was with the Netflix series Luna Park, in which Simona plays the young carousel operator Nora. Maybe not her most popular role, but the most complex, at least until the arrival of Mike White, who chose her to play Lucia – a young Sicilian escort who “is hungry for life but has confused ideas” – in the second season of his White Lotus. In the middle, a private life kept quite private: a twin brother whom she calls “beautiful like the sun” (and it’s hard to disagree), a chilli-shaped tattoo in honor of her surname (and of her spicy soul, maybe) and a (ended) relationship with Rodrigo D’Erasmo, violinist of Afterhours.


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