Emile Disappearance, 2yo: Prosecutor Decision to Advance Investigation


Investigation Has Begun

On July 13th, 2023, the Public Prosecutor of Digne-les-Bains, made a big announcement in the press. From now on, he will no longer communicate any element related to the investigation, in order to allow the inspectors to work in peace. According to the journalists of La Dépêche, “he also specified that he wished to restore the tranquility of the place and allow the village and the family of little Émile to find peace. However, the Prosecutor specified that he would communicate any major information that could advance the investigation.”

Searching for Clues

This day also marks the research phase and the beginning of a stage that will see the investigators study the hearings, telephone records or vehicle inspections. At this stage, no hypothesis is privileged or set aside. Furthermore, the opening of a national investigation cell has been decided by the Public Prosecutor of Digne-les-Bains. All hypotheses remain current, none is privileged and none is excluded, said Prosecutor Rémy Avon on Tuesday evening, acknowledging that the possibility of finding the child alive, if he got lost alone, was now “very limited” due to his more than engaged vital prognosis.

No Progress Made

“No progress has been made since Sunday. We have no clues, no information, no element that can help us understand this disappearance,” said the prosecutor of Digne-les-Bains. Missing since July 8th, 2023, little Émile has been searched in more than ninety-seven hectares without any trace being found. For the record, a family reunion had been organized at the grandparents’ house of the little boy. “That’s about ten people in the house over the weekend,” recalls La Dépêche, multiplying potential responsible for the disappearance of the little one. Regarding the suspicious blood trace, it would be of animal origin. According to the Prosecutor, contacted by BFM DICI, the blood trace detected on the analyzed car is of animal origin. The investigators also looked at another vehicle that had suspicious traces, but it was paint.


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