Fake Brad Pitt scams Granada woman.


Dreams can Become Reality

Many people already warn it: be careful with what you dream because dreams can become reality. And not be what you imagined. Surely the woman who stars in this news, the phrase came to her head when she realized she had been deceived. According to her lawyer, Antonio Estella Aroza, this middle-aged woman from Granada contacted, through Facebook, a fan club at the beginning of 2022. After exchanging messages with other users, one day, she started communicating directly with who she thought was the real Hollywood actor. The scammer sent her this picture of the actor saying how much he loved her. From that moment on, the conversations between the two were constant and the alleged swindler – who could be more than one person – managed to gain the trust of the victim, who believed she was having a relationship with the actor. He promised her that he would come to Spain and shoot a movie with her, and, on the excuse of having to face the expenses of the project, he asked her for some money. Blinded by love and with her reason clouded, the woman did not suspect anything and, since she had a heritage of 170,000 euros, she sent him the money little by little. And he, to keep her in the cloud she was living in, kept sending her pictures of himself, showing her messages directly addressed to her. “Darling, I really love you and I promise to pay you back everything,” one of them read.

The Dream Becomes a Nightmare

But, as time passed and the actor did not appear in Spain, the Granada woman began to suspect. And she woke up suddenly, because the dream had become a nightmare: she realized she had been scammed. So she went to a lawyer and has filed a lawsuit for possible crimes of fraud, identity theft and even money laundering.

Be Careful with Your Dreams

It’s important to be aware of what you dream because it could become reality, and it may not be what you expected. The woman in this story realized she had been deceived, and had to take legal action.


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