Berlusconi inheritance: 3bn euros for Marina & Pier Silvio


The Berlusconi Family Legacy

One month after the death of Silvio Berlusconi, his legacy is still at the center of gossip. Berlusconi’s eldest children, Marina and Pier Silvio, have obtained control of the family holding company, Fininvest, because the former Cavalier has assigned to them the available share of the inheritance. It is not only the company that makes them rich, but also the numerous real estate properties. Marina Berlusconi, for example, in addition to two apartments in Milan, owns some properties on the French Riviera.

The Berlusconi Family Wealth

Pier Silvio, on the other hand, preferred to invest in Italy, with a villa in Arcore, not far from his father’s, and with Villa San Sebastiano, in Portofino, 1300 square meters paid 20 million euros. Barbara Berlusconi’s apartment in Milan has 70 rooms. A couple of apartments also for Eleonora, always in Milan, while Luigi, the youngest son of the former Cavalier, is the owner of Villa Borletti, which Berlusconi bought in the 1970s. To the real estate, then, investments, works of art and liquidity must be added. An impressive total, which according to the calculations of Corriere Economia would be around 1.6 billion each for Marina and Pier Silvio, 1 billion for the younger brothers.

The Berlusconi Legacy Controversy

Recently, the Berlusconi family has been at the center of some controversy because Emmanuel Delmotte, mayor of the town, has accused the Berlusconis and other wealthy owners, including the former king of the Belgians Albert II and Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, of consuming too much water, about 2000 cubic meters per week. However, it is still not known how villas and houses registered to the founder of Forza Italia will be divided, nor if he has left any indication in this regard.


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