Prince George shy in public, but a “fantastic & fun” boy behind scenes.


The Wales Family: A Decade of Change

In 2016, Prince William and Princess Kate took Prince George, then almost three years old, on a trip to the UK’s biggest military air show. During the trip, loud noises overwhelmed the young prince, who was photographed crying before being given a pair of ear defenders. Last Friday, a week before Prince George’s tenth birthday, the trio returned to the air show with Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. This time there were only smiles, and the family even got to board a C17 cargo plane.

The Education of the Young Royals

For years, appearances by the young royals were rare, but now that they are older their presence has become more consistent. Charlotte and Louis are the ones who tend to draw the most attention from the cameras, while George seems to be the most reserved. Yet a family friend told People that the heir to the throne at home has a great personality: “He is a friendly and also very funny boy,” the friend added. Fashion designer Amaia Arrieta, who has dressed all three of the Wales children in the past, told the magazine that George is learning to be more comfortable in public too: “I think George now knows the protocol,” she said. And she added that he is “very sporty” and that his parents have encouraged him to play sports since he was young.

A Possible Future at Eton College

In the last year, George, Charlotte and Louis have attended Lambrook School in Berkshire. At the end of last month, George and Kate were seen taking a tour of Eton College, the prestigious Windsor college that William and Prince Harry attended in the 1990s. Students don’t enroll at Eton before turning 13, but they must register for admission during the school year in which they turn 10. Registrations were due by June 30, so a decision may already have been made.


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