Prince Harry, Caroline Flack: 2009 Articles Spark Fury


Prince Harry’s Relationship With Caroline Flack

After Harry’s first statements on Monday 5th June, which ranged from the phone tapping he allegedly suffered to insinuations that Charles wasn’t really his father, the focus of the second day was an old story: his relationship with Caroline Flack. It was 2009 and Harry was 25 at the time. He had a brief romance with Love Island presenter Flack, during an on-off phase with his official girlfriend Chelsy Davy. Harry said he was “furious” about an article that was published in The People that year, although he admitted he wasn’t aware there were 34 more out there: he only found out through his lawyers during the ongoing legal proceedings.

Prince Harry’s Anguish Over Press Coverage

The Prince used strong words, saying he had been “persecuted” by the press for over a decade. With Caroline Flack, who was older than him, he was photographed outside the house of his friend Mark Dyer. Harry described it as an “ambush”, but also “unnerving” because it was just an evening between friends, not something that would lead to media coverage. Chelsy Davy was also dragged into it, one of Harry’s most famous exes, who said he was very hurt by a 2007 newspaper headline labelling him as “happy” due to his regained freedom after the break-up. For Harry, every article published about him has been a source of anguish: “At the time I was a teenager, every element was agonising,” he declared.

MGN’s Counter-Argument

However, the other side is not giving in. MGN’s lawyer countered that, although the press had intruded in the Prince’s life many times, it doesn’t mean the information was obtained illegally, except in one case, for which the second-born of Charles had already received public apologies at the beginning of the trial.


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