Sarah Ferguson on Breast Cancer: “My New Breast Saved My Life”


Sarah Ferguson’s Breast Cancer Journey

Operated for breast cancer at the beginning of the summer, Sarah Ferguson is still convalescing but is recovering quickly, and in the latest episode of her podcast Tea Talks with the Duchess and Sarah, she spoke for the first time about the illness and the nickname she gave to her reconstructed breast, to which she is getting used to. “I’m coming to terms with my new best friend, Derek,” she told co-host Sarah Thomson. Derek is her left breast, “very important because it saved my life,” added the 68-year-old duchess. The name came by chance. “I don’t know,” Sarah replied to the question why Derek. “I laughed at the idea that now I have a friend who is always with me and who protects me with his shield.” Sarah Ferguson also gave a name to the other breast, Eric, and there were no shortage of jokes about him. “He feels quite sad because he’s not as tight as Derek, but I’ll make sure it’s balanced, don’t worry!” The mood remains high and the sympathy, fortunately, is the same as always.

The Royal Lodge: Home Sweet Home

Sarah Ferguson is spending her convalescence in Windsor, at the Royal Lodge, the official residence of her ex-husband since 2002. Sarah has stated that she does not feel like leaving the boundaries of the property at the moment, but that she will soon try to take a step beyond the gates. The Royal Lodge, after all, has been home to her for years. It is here that she continued to live after her divorce, with whom the relations have always remained special, and it is here that she has spent all her happiest moments with her family, not only with her ex but also with her daughters Beatrice and Eugenie. It is also for this reason that her ex-husband does not want to leave the property, for no reason. The Royal Lodge, in fact, has very high management costs, which he would not be able to sustain; hence the proposal to move to Frogmore Cottage, also (it is rumored) to leave the property free for the family.

The Duke of York’s Decision

The Duke of York, however, does not seem inclined to give up, strong of a 74-year lease. The first reason for the “no”, however, would be Sarah herself, who had to face a more difficult operation than expected, with a subsequent slow recovery. The Duchess of York was subjected to a single mastectomy at a hospital in London. For her, eight hours under the knife and four days of intensive therapy before declaring the operation successful. The diagnosis had arrived at the beginning of May, when during a routine check an suspicious shadow had been identified. Today Sarah is recovering and maintains a high mood, thanks also to all those who surround her and support her.


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