Shakira Becomes Mermaid in New Song


Shakira and Manuel Turizo’s New Collaboration

Shakira is back on the current music scene presenting her new song, this time with Colombian singer Manuel Turizo. Without a doubt, this year is being the most musical of all in the professional career of the Colombian artist. In this new song, titled “Copa Vacía” and inspired by her past, Shakira takes up the indirect references to her past, as anticipated in the music video that the singer has shared on her social networks, although we will have to wait until June 29 to hear the full single. The Colombian singers promise to bring rhythm to this summer that is about to begin.

Summer Atmosphere and Reggaeton Rhythm

Their new collaboration, “Copa Vacía”, ensures a resounding success in just 30 seconds: inspired by the summer atmosphere and reggaeton rhythm. ‘Copa Vacía’ seems to be full of references to the past of the Colombian singer: “You’re always busy with so much business. It would be nice, my love, a little leisure. Relax here on the couch and give me your attention. You don’t have to be a poet to sweeten my ear, the phone rings, use your hand with me. I know you’re good, but I’m much better.”

Anticipating the Release of the Single

This new single is added to the already well-known and successful last songs of Shakira: ‘Acrostic’, ‘Monotony’, ‘TQG’ and ‘BZRP Music Session # 53’. From June 29 we will be able to discover the complete lyrics of this new single that promises to be one of the most heard songs of this summer. Their new collaboration, “Copa Vacía”, ensures a resounding success in just 30 seconds.


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