Shakira on Pique in court: “Turbulent relationship, he was wild kid at start”.


Shakira’s Love Story

After the stormy breakup with Gerard Piqué, Shakira has returned to talk about her ex-partner with whom she had her little ones Sasha and Milan, 7 and 9 years old. This time not in a revenge song but in a courtroom. The singer was indeed heard for 80 minutes as part of the trial that sees her involved in Spain for tax evasion (it is a question of an alleged fraud of more than fourteen million euros). And in front of the judge, as El Pais reveals, which had access to her statements, she also talked about the beginnings of the story with Piqué: “At the time he was a wild child. Now he is a fantastic boy, but at the time he was crazy and I had no guarantees that things would work out or that we would set up a family“. Shakira added that at the beginning their relationship “was very turbulent, it was like a roller coaster”, because “our professional lives did not coincide and it was like putting together oil and water. We didn’t understand each other”. At the time the pop star was living in the United States, but her musical commitments kept her traveling around the world. Then, for love, she began to spend as much time as possible in Barcelona: “I was crazy about Gerard, I remember a flight from Marrakech to Croatia, we were flying over Barcelona and I asked the pilot if he could land quickly just so I could kiss Gerard. It was the most romantic thing I’ve ever done in my life. I don’t know if the Tax Agency considers this a day I spent in Spain.”

Tax Evasion Allegations

Shakira, accused of withholding 14.5 million from the tax office between 2012 and 2014, risks eight years in prison but has always declared herself innocent. So much so that she refused to sign an agreement with the prosecution, preferring a trial. And now that the procedure has started, her statements have also brought unprecedented details about a love that lasted more than ten years and ended (in June 2022) in the worst way possible: the pop star discovered that the father of her children was cheating on her with the very young Clara Chia. Shakira has never hidden her pain and anger, among other things sung in the famous revenge-song Music Sessions Vol 53 full of cutting phrases that have gone around the world. Like the famous “You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo, you traded a Rolex for a Casio”.

A New Relationship

But the time of outbursts in music seems to be over. Also because for some time the singer’s heart would have started beating again for Lewis Hamilton. Neither the pop star nor the driver have confirmed it, but the gossip is sure: a new couple has been born.


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