Silvio Berlusconi: Love & Scandals of the “Ladies’ Man”


Silvio Berlusconi and His Passion for Women

Silvio Berlusconi, born in Milan on September 29, 1936 and died in Milan on June 12, 2023, women were his worst cross and his greatest passion. Because of them (and especially his behavior) he has repeatedly risked, in some cases going far beyond the risk, companies and patrimony, judicial convictions, market turmoil and even the presidency of the Council. He has made jokes and irrepeatable phrases. He has been the protagonist of atrocious gaffes, the result of a macho and sexist mentality that should not exist (anymore) especially in those who occupy positions of power. He has become a potential victim of blackmail by decidedly questionable figures. He has taken wrong decisions, then tried to cover his tracks. “I’m not a saint. I love life and I love women, at my age there is no one who can ever change my lifestyle,” he declared a few years ago in court trying to justify himself, even in the face of the indefensible.

Silvio Berlusconi’s Marriages and Relationships

He repeated it in 2022 debuting on TikTok for the umpteenth electoral campaign: “Women, vote for me. I have been chasing your love all my life”. The first, the most beloved, was mother Rosa. “For each of us the mother is the deepest, truest affection, the only one that is truly unconditional,” he recounted some time ago remembering her, “as a son I have done and continue to do everything possible so that mother Rosa, from Heaven, can be proud of me.” The first wife, instead, was Carla Elvira dall’Oglio. Very reserved, known in 1964. The (few) chronicles tell that she was 24 years old and the first meeting with Berlusconi was at the tram stop. A game of glances. They got married a year later, together they had two children, Marina and Pier Silvio. Carla Elvira has always kept away from public life, she has never commented on everything that would come after. Nor the thunderbolt between what was then her husband and Miriam Raffaella Bartolini. Miriam was the actress who was on stage at the Teatro Manzoni, owned by Berlusconi. “I felt a thunderbolt, but it was not a thunderstorm,” he said years later. They become lovers. They get married in 1990, when their three children, Barbara, Eleonora and Luigi, were already born.

Scandals Involving Silvio Berlusconi

Before, during and after, the real or supposed lovers, the courted and the courted. There have been the darkest pages. The minor Noemi Letizia, who called him “papi”, Ruby Rubacuori, even credited as the niece of Mubarak. And then the season of the Olgettines, of the apartments in Milan 3, the minis to drive as a gift, the tributes that could also become political or TV roles. The scandal of “bunga bunga” or “elegant dinners”, according to the direct interested party, taken up all over the world. And then again, in random order, there was the queen bee, Sabina Began, who had tattooed on her foot “29, which illuminates my soul and my heart forever”, and Miriam Raffaella Bartolini.


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