Silvio Berlusconi, Silvia Toffanin: Rare Family Photo Together


Loving in Private: Silvia Toffanin and Pier Silvio Berlusconi

Silvia Toffanin has been linked to Pier Silvio Berlusconi for twenty-one years, has given him two children (Lorenzo Mattia and Sofia Valentina) and yet has never showily displayed their love, lived in the utmost privacy. The same style has characterized her relationship with her father-in-law Silvio Berlusconi. In public, the presenter of Verissimo never spoke of the Cavalier. And very few times, in twenty-one years, have photos emerged showing them together. One of these rare images came from the video tribute circulated on social media on the day of the funeral of the leader of Forza Italia. A shot of many years ago in which Berlusconi is surrounded by his whole family: sons and daughters with their respective partners and grandchildren – including Toffanin – and grandchildren.

The Bond Between Father-in-law and Daughter-in-law

Not even Silvio Berlusconi has ever spoken about his relationship with Toffanin. However, it seems that Pier Silvio last April, to his father hospitalized at the San Raffaele in Milan, had promised that “he was ready to take his companion to the altar”. This is what the rumors said, however, denied by opposite voices. For example, sources close to the couple had assured: “Silvio Berlusconi is even admired by the bond between Pier Silvio and Silvia just for what it is: they just have to be together to be serene and happy. A relationship so unique and lasting does not need marriage to certify the deep love “. Weddings or no weddings, in fact Silvia and Piersilvio are among the most solid couples in the show. They met in 2001, had two children (Lorenzo Mattia, born in 2010 and Valentina Sofia, in 2015) and in all these years they have always lived their love away from the media clamor. Just like Silvio Berlusconi and Silvia Toffanin have lived the father-in-law-daughter-in-law bond. The presenter has never “flaunted” her intimacy with the former prime minister. But at the funeral it was her grief-stricken face that spoke. And now the social video that retraces the most significant moments of the life of the cavalier has given us an image that shows him with his father-in-law in a moment of their daily life. That daily life that they have always wanted to keep extremely private.

The Promise of a Wedding

It was rumored that Pier Silvio had promised his father, while he was hospitalized at the San Raffaele in Milan, that “he was ready to take his companion to the altar”. However, sources close to the couple had assured that a marriage was not necessary to certify their deep love. Despite the lack of an official wedding, Silvia and Pier Silvio remain one of the most solid couples in show business.


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