Social media frenzy: Criticising Chiara Ferragni and Fedez on the beach? Really? Always need a reason?


The Ferragnez’s Holiday Choices

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez have chosen to spend part of their holidays in Ibiza this year as well. As usual, the two influencers have made their followers part of what they are living, with super instagrammable sunsets, more or less passionate kisses and walks. After all, it is part of their job that does not go on holiday.

The Vitriolic Comments

In the last pictures published by Chiara Ferragni on her Instagram profile, there is one that makes us reflect, considering the reactions. Indeed, in one of the photos we see the Ferragnez sunbathing on a free beach in Ibiza. The vitriolic comments did not take long to arrive: “When no resort invites you to dine and you end up on the free beach even though you are a millionaire” writes a user, almost implying that those with ample economic availability should only stay in super exclusive places. And again “On the free beach just to make news” or those who write, obviously ingenuously, “On the free beach to save”.

Criticizing vs. Reflecting

The question, at this point, arises spontaneously: does every choice, any out of place lock of hair, particular look, purchase or interaction with their children by the Ferragnez have to necessarily become a motive for fierce criticism? If they go to exclusive resorts it is because they go to exclusive resorts, if they go to the free beach it is because they go to the free beach: nothing is right and anyway it is obligatory to criticize. Even if for influencers and famous faces often “the important thing is that people talk about it” and each social brawl brings interactions that can then be monetized, do we really want to get into this arena of envy, hatred, criticism and fake propriety every day? It is not so much not addressing criticism to them – which anyway, let’s remember, are people beyond the public dimension – who have broad shoulders and have undoubtedly learned to diminish the importance attributed to a comment under a photo; it is that in producing these comments, which we then essentially read, we are only exposing ourselves to a very different serene climate. Maybe comments like this, so full of negative emotions, do more harm to us than to the alleged direct parties and should suggest something about our way of interpreting the life of others.


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