Tell Me: First Look at Finale Filming


The beloved Alcántara family

The Alcántara family began to enter Spanish households 22 years ago and their vicissitudes captivated millions of viewers who have faithfully followed the series for more than two decades. By decision of a television network, the fiction will end with the season that has started filming a few days ago and will consist of seven chapters in each of which one of the characters that make up this beloved clan will be addressed.

The return of Carlos and Karina

Without a doubt, one of the news that will most please the fans is that the television network has confirmed that, in the final chapter, the return of Carlos (Ricardo Gómez) and Karina (Elena Rivera), absent from the fiction since 2018, will take place. Elena and Ricardo gave life to Carlos and Karina in the series for many years, so a great friendship was forged between them.

The final season

The filming will last all summer and is expected to end in the month of September. The long-awaited final season could premiere before the year ends.


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