Thomas Sotto Distress: Jean-Baptiste Marteau Stunned by Dire State


Unforgettable Handover

It can be said that Jean-Baptiste Marteau experienced a handover like no other on Tuesday, May 23rd 2023. The 6am news presenter handed the microphone over to Johanna Ghiglia, who is currently replacing Julia Vignali, to discuss the day’s program for Télématin. And it can be said that Thomas Sotto was in great form.

Thomas Sotto’s Surprise

With a smile, Johanna Ghiglia explained to Jean-Baptiste Marteau that it was World Turtle Day. And, just as she was about to ask a question about the subject to her colleague, Mayada Boulos’s companion appeared on the screen, imitating a turtle. Unsurprisingly, this sequence made Jean-Baptiste Marteau laugh, who certainly didn’t expect it. “Be careful, there is a big turtle behind you called Thomas Sotto. It’s an endangered species, watch out,” he joked. Johanna Ghiglia then went along with his game and said: “The Sotto turtle is not the slowest animal. The palm goes to the worm. Do you know how to imitate and do the worm, the earthworm? And there is also the sloth which is very slow. It’s 12 meters in sixty minutes”. Meanwhile, Thomas Sotto was having fun imitating all the animals mentioned. An anthology moment.

Thomas Sotto’s Performance

“He should consult this poor boy, he doesn’t seem to be doing well,” Jean-Baptiste Marteau declared, not knowing what was to come. Thomas Sotto didn’t stop there. He pretended to “take a dip in a golden bathtub” or took on the role of Mareva Galanter, the guest of the day on Télématin. He even sang Derrière l’amour, by Johnny Hallyday. “Lack of sleep has consequences,” Jean-Baptiste Marteau concluded with humour. A video to be consumed without moderation.


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