Victoria Cabello: Single & Shapely – No Kids!


Victoria Cabello has come back to tell her tale in a long interview with the weekly magazine F. In relation to the highly anticipated return to television with her program Viaggi Pazzeschi, which will air from the 23rd of May in primetime on Tv8 and for which she is one of the authors, the presenter said to the magazine: “I’m in a stage, as Lizzo, the singer, would say, where I’m enough for myself”. She also discussed her current single status, “I like the concept of getting up and determining on the spot what to do, without having to answer to anyone”. Love has been part of her life but when she was diagnosed with Lyme disease a few years ago, Cabello chose to stay alone. “When I got sick I was with a wonderful person, not famous, I had some famous boyfriends but most were not, doctors among them. But precisely because I am unable to share the pain, I ended the relationship”. Victoria Cabello is relaxed in the days leading up to her return to the small screen, as she told the Corriere della Sera. She also said: “I have seen everything, from a personal point of view. So I think that in the end it is always just television. I have faced much bigger and more important challenges, which is why you have to give the right value to things”. Cabello has learned to invest in people more than in useful relationships: “I have always invested in people more than in useful relationships: perhaps it has not paid off much from a professional point of view, but I am happy with my life and I know who loves me. During the period when Victoria Cabello was not at the peak of her visibility some people disappeared, but obviously they were not essential to her. It was like having Saturn against me: cut off relationships and do some cleaning. I must say that I am also glad to have lightened myself of what is useless”.


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