Victoria De Angelis: Love in Rome with Luna Passos?


Romantic Bond Between Victoria De Angelis and Luna Passos

At the beginning of June, the kiss in Formentera, on board a yacht. Now the tenderness in a bar in Rome, not caring about the spotlights pointed. To date it is not known where they met and how their relationship started, but it is certain that there is understanding and complicity between Victoria De Angelis and Luna Passos. Can we already talk about engagement? The mouths remain sealed for now but – precisely – the bond between the two girls appears strong.

Romantic Getaway for Måneskin Bandmates

To stay updated on royals, celebrities, shows and all the news from the world, subscribe to our newsletters. To talk, precisely, are the photos. The first ones, last month, on a boat off the Balearic Islands: the bassist of Måneskin, after the commitments at the Primavera Sound in Barcelona, had decided to spend a few days of relaxation in the sea of ​​Spain together with Thomas Raggi and Ethan Torchio, his bandmates. However, the paparazzi soon realized that Luna was also with them, who was already rumored to be in a relationship with Victoria.

Victoria and Luna Find Time for Each Other

Now here are new shots from the capital published by Chi, in view of the two Måneskin concerts at the Olimpico: the two girls were immortalized in the city center, first outside a local and then on a scooter, in the Roman Vacation version. Of course, for Victoria it is not a vacation period, but between one show and another she seems to always manage to find some time to be with Luna, who is also willing to follow her everywhere. This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. Commitments of work permitting: the twenty-two year old model, with Brazilian and Dutch origins, walks the catwalks of the world for the most prestigious fashion brands. “How did I start? I was discovered on Instagram by an agency. Then I play the violin, I love to dance and I developed an obsession with pole dancing,” Luna recently revealed. A name that calls the meaning of the Danish word Måneskin. Moonlight.


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