Harry Meghan asked for Air Force One ride?


The Dukes of Sussex Allegedly Tried to Hitch a Ride on Air Force One

It is difficult to get confirmation or denial from those involved, but the fact that there have been no denials from people close to the direct parties involved makes experts think that the news is true: Harry and Meghan reportedly tried to hitch a ride on Air Force One after the funeral of an important figure and obviously they were not successful. This would be further proof of their continuous search for social and political elevation and the failure of the couple in these attempts. The Daily Mail was the first to give the news, but it was picked up by many other media outlets and no one was able to deny it. These are the alleged facts dating back to last September.

Security Protocols of the Presidential Aircraft Were Too Strict

After the funeral of the important figure, the couple allegedly tried to contact the US presidency to find out if there were a couple of seats left on the presidential plane. It may not have come directly from the US president and his wife, but the answer seems to have been immediate and negative. The security protocols of the presidential aircraft are very strict. No outsiders are allowed. And then it would be difficult for the American president to do what could seem like an affront to the important family, whose relationship with the couple is not idyllic.

The First Lady and Meghan Markle Shared a Friendship

The Telegraph reminds us that there has been a relationship between the US president and his wife and the couple for years. The First Lady shares the couple’s commitment to veterans. She has attended the Invictus Games several times, but not in 2022. The First Lady reportedly has an excellent relationship with Meghan Markle, a friendship sealed by a dress: the one worn by the First Lady, similar to Meghan’s during the interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021 with the accusation of racism from a member of the important family. However, these links were not enough to find a place, or even two, on the presidential plane.


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