Adara Molinero Luxury Apartment: Inside Look


A Home Away From Home

After three months of hunger and hardships in ‘Survivors’, Adara Molinero has only two weeks left to go home, and it is almost 100% certain that she will do so as a finalist (if not winner) of the contest. And when she returns, she will certainly realize how much she has missed her home: the luxurious apartment in the north of Madrid that she shares with her son Martín, to whom she moved last summer, after breaking up with Rodri Fuertes. In fact, this house was going to be the love nest of the couple, but finally Adara moved in alone. It is a house of just over 100 square meters, which Adara has decorated in a very simple and minimalist way.

A Chic Touch

Combining the walls with moldings and natural stone, the ‘Survivors’ contestant (who surprised everyone by bathing naked in front of the cameras) has managed to give her home a very chic touch, as if taken from a decoration magazine! The young woman has given more than one clue on social networks about how she has decorated her house. It is dominated by straight lines and very light and neutral tones, often contrasting with black.

The Perfect Photo Opportunity

And, of course, as with any influencer apartment worth its salt, it has a mirror with a privileged light and an angle that makes its photos look so good: Adara Molinero poses, with the living room of her house in the background. And not just photos: from this corner the television showed us the bikinis that she was going to take to ‘Survivors’ and that, in effect, we have already seen her wearing on the show. In short, it is an apartment that Adara will surely be missing a lot and that she will take with enthusiasm as soon as she returns to Spain!


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