Ahmed Sylla in tears: “Who am I to refuse 200,000 euros?”


Ahmed Sylla’s Childhood Memory

Ahmed Sylla, originally from Nantes and very discreet, had never wanted to express himself on his childhood. In Amuse Bouche, a YouTube meeting hosted by Roman Frayssinet, Hakim Djemili, Redouane Bougheraba, Ahmed Sparrow or Djimo, the hero of The Ascension, he relates a moving memory from his youth, wishing to share for the first time some snippets of his life before. That is how he tells that one of his best friends was killed by people with whom they grew up. A testimony that brings tears to Ahmed Sylla’s eyes. Then he explains: “When you live in a neighborhood, you do everything to get out of violence.”

Ahmed Sylla’s Professional Life

This leads him to reflect on his profession, where “people [see him] always happy”. He regains his composure and wants to react first to his loved ones who have distanced themselves from him since he became famous: “People who knew me the most, they turned their backs on me for money. People don’t know half of what I can do with money.” This leads to the controversy: “I wasn’t even offered 200,000, but if tomorrow someone offered me 200,000 to save my mother’s life, I would do it. Who am I in this age to refuse someone who pays you 200,000 euros? If it can help people. Who am I to refuse 200,000 euros, on the pretext that someone does not pay their taxes? They don’t even know I exist.”

Ramzy Bedia’s Opinion

An opinion that resonates with that of another master of humor, Ramzy Bedia. In Society, he had been very clear about what he thought of this money story: “Blanche Gardin, if she doesn’t want to do it, it’s up to her. Personally, when my tiler or bus driver friends found out that there was this salary for a day’s work, they told me: ”If you don’t do it, we’ll open your throat! ”


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