Alicia’s breakup: Separated from Bruno, feeling low after split.


Alicia’s Separation With Bruno

This Sunday, May 28th, 2023, Alicia from Married at First Sight expressed herself on her separation with Bruno in an Instagram story, thanking her followers for their support: “Thank you for your touching messages. I can’t respond to all these words of courage and love, so I’m making a general response here. You’ve warmed my heart, you’re incredible. It’s true that I’m not in a good mood, hence my distance. But it will be alright”. So, the mood is low for the candidate of the sixth season of the show.

Alicia Announces the News on Instagram

As a reminder, it was on May 10th that she announced the sad news, still on the same social network: “For a few days, many of you have been asking me why Bruno @bruno_mapr6 has been less present in my stories. I was holding back from responding: we are taking a break to focus on ourselves”. Four days later, the one who just released a single opened up more in detail about the reasons behind their breakup. “I admit that I am very sad about what is happening with Bruno and when I’m sad I am discreet and so I don’t show my sadness in stories. Many of you told me that he had taken off his ring right after the post. I saw it and don’t worry, I’m not surprised because being in the background in his life had become a habit lately. It’s his choice, he has the right, in life it is difficult or even impossible to change someone”, she had declared among other things.

Bruno’s Response

Note that on Tuesday, May 16th, it was Bruno’s turn to take the floor and settle his scores with his detractors: “I see comments… It annoys me, it touches me, of course it hurts me. I feel like I’m doing the right thing and there’s always something to criticize. People who tell me: ‘the guy has never been so present in stories’ but since I stopped working I’m like this! And I’ve always been like that, whether I had 500 or 200,000 followers”. He then went into more depth about his relationship with Alicia: “After that, you criticize me for not taking the floor but everything I had to say, I said it to Alicia, I said it to her parents and for me these are the people I had to talk to. Alicia, I respect her immensely, I will respect her for the rest of my life, I love her and I will love her for the rest of my life. She is one of the most beautiful encounters of my life. Our paths are now taking different destinations, that’s how it is”. He then assured that “it’s not over” and that the situation can change: “We don’t know what tomorrow holds, the future will tell us”. But for now, everyone “is now writing their own story”.


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