Alma Bollo & Isa Pantoja: No Reconciliation with Asraf


Alma Bollo and Asraf Beno: No Reconciliation

Alma Bollo has distanced herself even further from her cousin, Isa Pantoja, with her latest statements. The former survivor has assured that she will not reconcile with Asraf Beno after their hard confrontations in ‘Survivors’. After the tense face-to-face they had last Sunday, on ‘Conexión Honduras’ with Ion Aramendi, Raquel Bollo’s daughter has received some questions from the audience and has answered with the sincerity that characterizes her.

Alma’s Clarification About Asraf

Alma has revealed that, when she arrives in Spain, she has many pending issues to clarify, such as that “nobody has been left behind“, she began by saying, referring to Asraf without naming him. Alma Bollo has responded very clearly about Asraf Beno. However, in another of the questions they mentioned the boyfriend of Isa Pantoja directly and wanted to know how she thinks her relationship with him will be outside the contest: “I don’t think or know how it will be because there won’t be any,” she replied, flat out. “I neither think nor want there to be a relationship. Would you want a friend who didn’t bring you anything?”, she assured, distancing herself once again from her cousin.

Alma and Isa’s Friendship Dynamited?

Despite Alma’s assurance last Sunday that she would attend Isa and Asraf’s wedding if they were invited, these words may have finally dynamited the friendship and affection that united them.


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