Loana’s Father Dead: Refused to Attend Funeral after Reconciliation


Loana’s Tragic Loss

This is a new blow for Loana. While she is preparing to move to Paris with her mother Violette, the former celebrity has been struck by tragedy. Indeed, she revealed that she is in mourning after the loss of a loved one. It is her father who has “died this month”.

Loana’s Complicated Relationship with her Father

Informed by her father’s current partner, Loana says she “very badly” reacted to the news of her father’s death. “I had re-established contact with him two years ago. He did not want to see me, and I respect his choice,” she says. However, even though physical contact was rare, Loana could still communicate with him. “I had him on the phone. He did not want me to see him in the state he was in. He was very sick, almost blind and he had gained weight. He told me: ‘I want you to keep the image of me that you had’. I haven’t seen him since and it shocked me.” As for her father’s funeral, Loana says she did not want to attend. “I didn’t go because it was concrete (his death). For me, he is still here. If he didn’t want me to go and see him, I don’t want to see him as dead. I had him on the phone, he sent me very nice messages,” she said, moved. “I had wiped the slate clean. I keep this memory of my dad who was fantastic. I had a wonderful father and I want to remember that. I even ask my mother to remind me of memories.” Yet, her relationship with her father was very complicated. Indeed, Loana had repeatedly said she had suffered blows from her father. Her mother, Violette, was also violently abused by him.

Grieving the Loss of a Loved One

But the two women are terribly affected by this disappearance. “She told me: ‘before, I would have said youpi’. She really wanted him dead. But for more than a year, she has been telling me beautiful memories and she told me she was no longer at that stage. He beat her, she remembers it but I remember very little. She told me: ‘you allowed me to turn the page’. It will take some time for these two women to be able to grieve.


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