Carlota Corredera: “Rocío Carrasco Defense, Price Paid High”


Carlota Corredera’s Staunch Defense of Rocío Carrasco

Carlota Corredera has been honest about the professional consequences she has suffered for her staunch defense of Rocío Carrasco. The journalist and the daughter of Rocío Jurado have been great friends for years, so the former presenter of ‘Sálvame’ did not hesitate to use her voice to give her her place.

Consequences of Carlota’s Support

It was after the announcement of the premiere of Carrasco’s docuserie, when Carlota began to defend her friend on television, since before the whole environment of the daughter of “the greatest” kept silent about her and her husband, Fidel Albiac, at their request. Carlota has been away from ‘Sálvame’ for a long time and, despite the fact that in a few days the program will say goodbye to Telecinco, the presenter has confessed to the press that she is still suffering the consequences of her departure. And it is that, for publicly supporting her friend, she is now in an uncertain professional moment. “I have paid dearly for it. Maybe, if I hadn’t been so involved, things would have been different, I don’t know,” she explained, before adding that, in any case, “I am still convinced of what I did and how I did it”.

Carlota’s Commitment to Feminism

Carlota assures that, although she may have been wrong at some point, she is still very committed to feminism: “That remains intact”. “In the end, supporting Rocío Carrasco was not only supporting her, but all victims of gender violence,” she said, very convinced.


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