Ana Obregón: No More Babies at Son Aless’ Book Presentation


Ana Obregón’s Emotional Reappearance

One week after arriving in Spain with her granddaughter Ana Sandra, Ana Obregón has starred in her highly anticipated and crowded reappearance at the presentation of the book that her son Aless Lequio began to write and she finished, at the Madrid Palace Hotel. Minutes after 12:00 pm the presenter made her appearance with her best smile and a spectacular sky blue one-shoulder dress with a multicolored flower print skirt from designer Rubén Hernández. Impacted by the large number of media present at the event (“I had never seen anything like it in 40 years,” she said) Ana could not help but be emotional while posing for the press.

Ana Obregón’s Story About Her Book

A presentation that began with words from the editor of Harper Collins (thanking her for her dedication and generosity) and a video with images of Aless with which the biologist broke into tears. “My son always said ‘everything you do in this life with love has an echo in eternity’, and that is all I have done since my son left. Trying to do with love everything that he would have liked to do and could not do,” she began, very emotional.

Ana Obregón Completes Her Son’s Book

Ana Obregón, very nervous before the presentation of her book. “One of his wishes was to publish a book he was writing. It was August 2018, and we were in New Jersey with a very aggressive treatment of chemotherapy and radiation together, with all that entails and the consequences of nausea, fever, being in bed … And I heard him typing at night. And at 6 in the morning I went to talk to him and he told me he was writing a book and that he wanted to donate everything to cancer research because it is the only thing that saves lives. I asked him to let me read something and he didn’t let me; he said, ‘when I finish it’. ‘I just tell you that it’s called ‘El chico de las musarañas’ because that’s what you said to me since I was little’. He escaped, he got lost like I did and I always said to him ‘you’re already thinking about the musarañas’ like my mother and grandmother said to me,” she remembered nostalgically, lamenting that “my son could not finish that book because of the damn cancer”. “Two years after his departure,” Ana revealed that she found the “enough strength” to be able to read what her son had written before he died: “I read it very emotionally because I saw the talent he had to write, and what a shame that cancer took away his bright future, because it was one of his dreams, to be a writer”.

Ana Obregón’s Final Sentence

Ana Obregón, emotional talking about her son’s book. It was then that the actress got in touch with the publishing house and it occurred to her to complete the book telling how she lived her son’s illness process. “I don’t know how we managed to finish the book, but here it is,” she concluded.


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