Aude’s “enormous transformation” in life shared (Love is in the Pre).


Aude’s Revolution

Last March, Aude from Love is in the Pre (2018) announced a big news. She had just given herself the best birthday present, a “dairy robot r9500” that promised to change her life. Indeed, in the agricultural world, this tool is well known for being miraculous. She explained that it would lighten her heavy days of work and that her cows could then be milked independently. A real revolution!

Aude’s Joyful Announcement

At the beginning of the week, after a long absence on social networks, Aude was therefore very happy to confide that everything was going as she wanted since she had received her precious machine. “Some news, because it’s been a long time … As I had hoped, thanks to #dairyrobotr9500 I’m living again. The start in the pasture went well even if the 2nd week was still discouraging. Since then, the cows almost manage by themselves, I just watch and my shoulders and sciatic nerves thank me. I have an average of 2.5 to 2.9 milking / day! Level of fatigue also, it’s a huge change. No more getting up at 5am! When I tell you I’m alive … “, she wrote in the caption of a photo of her smiling and looking serene.

Aude’s Hopes for the Future

Aude also counts a lot on her famous robot to give her time in her professional life and, who knows, finally meet the ideal partner. “Once I have managed to optimize the whole farm to be able to get out (and live) – alone, or with an associate – it will be time for someone to enter my life,” she concluded her post. Of course, this is all we wish her! Unfortunately, Aude has not been lucky in love. Indeed, if she had two beautiful children thanks to two different men, these relationships have always ended in failure. The Breton had first had her daughter Louane (8 years old) with a man named Babakar and who is often absent. Raphaël (4 years old) then appeared at the end of his relationship with Christopher, met in Love is in the Pre. The couple then separated, three months after the birth of their son.


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