Carla Barber moves to Canarias with her kids, leaving her luxurious mansion.


Carla Barber Moving to the Canary Islands

Shortly after boasting about her new home in Madrid, a palace that has her in love, Carla Barber announces that she is moving to the Canary Islands. That said, she does it for a good reason, and that is that the surgeon is looking for a better quality of life and more time with her children, Bastian and Bosco.

Project in Initial Phase

Although her new house has all the luxuries and comforts, Carla Barber is already preparing her next housing project, which will be in her place of origin, the Canary Islands, where she travels frequently to visit her family. “We already have a house in the Canary Islands. I start with my folder: ‘home Las Palmas’. I’m excited. I’m already with the inspirational photos for what will be our house “, she has dropped in one of her stories. Carla Barber reveals the reasons for her move to the Canary Islands. That said, the project is still in its initial phase, so this move would not be imminent. “This morning I have met with a construction company and an architecture studio. For now I am asking for budgets and I will decide when I have several options and comparisons. We have a year ahead between the project and the work until our house is finished “, he has detailed.

Reasons for the Move

Aware that her personal life arouses interest among her followers, Carla Barber has wanted to be sincere about the reasons that have led her to make this decision about the future. “Being in the Canary Islands I can take them to school every day, even when I work. They are my home “, she explained. “For now, we are not moving, but when we do, I will continue to work in Madrid every day”.


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