Bennifer Crisis: J.Lo & Affleck Argue in Street – Crisis?


For months, reports have been circulating about difficulties between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. It began in October 2020 when Radar Online first spoke of a “marital crisis”. The recent video – which quickly spread on the internet – of her getting into a car and him closing the door with a hint of annoyance, only added to the speculation. According to a source from the American website, “Before the marriage, she seemed the perfect wife and he was blinded by love. Then reality set in.” This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. The couple, who got back together in 2021, have always denied any Bennifer crisis. However, their long faces at some events, and the lack of tenderness between them, do nothing to quell the gossip. At the Grammys, three months ago, they caused a stir when J.Lo was invited to present the award for best album of the year. When the host Trevor Noah sat with them for a monologue, Ben whispered something in his wife’s ear – caught on camera – and she had a reaction. According to an expert in lip reading consulted by the Daily Mail, she said “Try to be more involved.” This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. Is there really something going on between Bennifer? The question remains. Social media and beyond are rife with speculation that the enchantment has worn off and the routine has returned, leading to apparent incompatibilities in the household.


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