Bertín’s pregnant Gabriela Guillén in hospital due to abdominal pains.


Gabriela Guillén’s Health Scare

Since the pregnancy of Gabriela Guillén came to light, this young physiotherapist has become the center of all eyes. The former partner of Bertín Osborne is expecting her first child, the seventh for the veteran singer, but her “sweet expectation” is having more than one up and down.

Raquel Arias Reveals Health Scare

And, as usual, it has been her friend Raquel Arias who, from the set of ‘Así es la vida’, has revealed that the young woman has even had to go to the hospital due to severe abdominal pain. Raquel Arias has given the latest news on the health of Gabriela Guillén. As the television collaborator, who a few days ago admitted to have been captured as a child by a sect, revealed, Gabriela has had an important health scare. “She had a lot of pain in her stomach, a lot of anxiety and at night she was about to call an ambulance but she was afraid because she was alone,” Raquel narrated. Finally, the pregnant young woman waited a few hours and went to a hospital on her own: “She has been given a work discharge because she cannot continue working like this,” explained the former survivor.

Gabriela Guillén’s Difficult Situation

All this has made Gabriela can no longer and explode. First were the words of her ex-partner, revealing that her future baby “has not been desired”. Later, her own, claiming the abandonment she feels from the father of her child. And, finally, the harsh accusations of another ex-partner of Bertín about a supposed voluntary abortion, on which he has already pronounced.


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