Death of Jane Birkin: Decision made for her Brittany home after passing.


The Burglary Attempt

During the night from Tuesday to Wednesday 19th July 2023, individuals tried to break into the artist’s house. According to our colleagues from BFMTV, it was one of the actress’s childhood friends who raised the alarm. While she was in the apartment, she heard noises behind the door. The police immediately intervened and reportedly noticed “pieces of wood on the floor”, “damage to the metal frame of the door” and “traces on the front door”. The night before, three other people had tried to enter the apartment but had fled.

Protection Measures

Therefore, all members of the deceased’s family are on alert. And they are not the only ones. Indeed, the singer also owned a house in the town of Lannilis, in Brittany. The mayor of the town then decided to put in place many measures to protect the artist’s house. “The municipal police have included the house in their rounds,” Philippe Jarreau, one of the mayor’s close associates, told Le Télégramme. “We are obviously keeping an eye on the house, just as we monitor houses when we know they are empty,” Colonel Vernier, commander of the Brest gendarmerie, also said. It must be said that since the death of the artist, many people have stopped near the house. Thus, the police forces of the Breton town have decided to closely monitor the home.

Death Notices

Our colleagues from Le Télégramme add that death notices published in newspapers allow burglars to “establish their route” for their future burglaries.


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