Lorenzo Jovanotti: Surgery Successful; Fans Reassured


Jovanotti’s Successful Surgery

The surgery performed on Lorenzo Cherubini, better known as Jovanotti, was a success. Jovanotti himself announced the news to his fans with a short story posted on Instagram: “The surgery went well, now there is a lot of pain but it will pass“, the singer wrote. “Thank you all really!!! You are my painkiller. Thanks!!!”.

Jovanotti’s Bike Crash

Jovanotti reassured his fans about the success of the surgery he underwent due to a disastrous bike crash that caused him to fracture his clavicle and femur. Even experienced cyclists like him can have accidents, as he had only cycled 3500 kilometres from the Andes to the Amazon a few months ago. “I was making a beautiful tour of some wonderful places among the sugar cane plantations,” Jovanotti explained last weekend on TikTok about the incident. “The Dominicans helped me with great care, a lady even brought me a coconut to drink coconut water. They saw me and called an ambulance immediately, they were exceptional. I don’t know where I fell, I don’t remember the name of the place, but I will look for it because they were exceptional, very kind and very attentive”.

Jovanotti’s Recovery

Now it’s time to recover. To get back on the saddle stronger than before. Jovanotti said it immediately after talking to his physiotherapist: “He told me that the sooner we get back in motion, the sooner it will heal, but first of all we have to do the operation“. The path to recovery has already begun.


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