Boris Izaguirre, Tamara Falcó feud continues: no wedding attendance


The conflict between Boris Izaguirre and Tamara Falcó

Boris Izaguirre and Tamara Falcó’s friendship is still broken. Despite the presenter expressing his intention in recent times to mend his relationship with the marchioness and her mother, Isabel Preysler, their response has not been favorable. So much so that the Venezuelan, who was once very close to the family, is not invited to Tamara’s wedding with Íñigo Onieva. “I feel the same affection for Tamara. Unfortunately we are distanced by an article that I wrote, in my opinion, quite wrongly, I don’t know how to ask for forgiveness about that again,” explained Boris in March, revealing that he had tried several times off camera. Beatriz Miranda in ‘Es la mañana de Federico’ also assured that the breach between the two remains open: “I don’t think Boris Izaguirre is going because I think the situation between them is still bad. Maybe things change but Boris was on Mario Vargas Llosa’s side,” she explained, giving another dimension to the conflict.

The start of the conflict

The conflict started with some statements by Tamara Falcó in which Boris saw himself reflected. “There are so many different types of sexualities, there are so many different places where you can exercise evil that I think in other generations it was not so evident and it was not so well seen,” said the marchioness.

Boris’s attempt to make up

You can read here the words thrown by Boris Izaguirre that upset Tamara Falcó so much. Tamara Falcó and Boris had a very close relationship. Despite Boris affirming that Tamara and he would never stop being friends, it seems that at least for the moment this breach remains open.


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