Camilo Blanes explains transition, why they chose to change gender.


Camilo Blanes’s Transition Journey

Camilo Blanes continues to make headlines with his posts on Instagram. After months of not updating his social media, the son of Camilo Sesto erased all traces of his previous life “as a man” and started sharing photos every day, making us witness his “transition” to become Sheila Devil.

Rumors About His Addiction and Transition

The rumors not only pointed to a relapse in his addictions, but to a change of sex and the use of black market hormones to make the change. He, despite everything, has assured that he does not understand all the media stir that is being generated. “I don’t know why there is so much ‘maximum concern’, but words hurt me,” he began, kindly responding to a reporter’s questions. When asked about the hormone process, the son of Camilo Sesto has found it difficult to understand what he was talking about: “What do you mean? No, I am the sex I have always been. Above all, what I want is to find my individual path, to know who I am, it is clearly seen what is happening”.

Camilo Blanes’s Response to the Media

Camilo Blanes has spoken with the media. However, he has confirmed that he prefers to be referred to as Sheila Devil: “Camilín is boring, but not because I don’t like being my father’s son, my father will always be [starts singing “and will always be”] my father, more than anything because I look like him to die”. Lourdes Ornelas’ son has also denied his mother and has assured that “we talk a lot”. He has also denied having a relationship with Cristina Rapado: “I am very single. She is a very good friend, a real friend” and has pointed out that he feels “good” and is not in love. As for his mother’s words, who has been confirming for weeks that her son is uncontrollable, he has limited himself to answering that he is fine. “I am very happy, very content” he declared, and, before saying goodbye to the media, he mocked the comments he receives asking him to take care of himself: “all the time with the ‘take care’, let’s make a song”.


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