Married First Sight: Léa & Emanuel Split, Heartbroken She Explains Divorce Reasons


The Break-up of an Emblematic Couple

It’s the end of a story that promised to be very beautiful. Emblematic couple of this seventh season of Married at First Sight (M6) Léa and Emmanuel had a real love at first sight for each other. Although they stayed married at the end of the show’s assessment, they recently announced their break-up on Instagram, to the great dismay of all their subscribers who believed firmly in their idyll. Very close to her community, Léa launched a questions/answers session on her Instagram account, in order to give explanations for this unexpected decision.

The Difficulty of Understanding Each Other

Honest and transparent, Léa decided to answer this question in order to put the points on the “i” and to silence the numerous criticisms. “So that’s the question I was obviously expecting. With Manu, you have to know that we really tried. Really. The magic really worked too. You have to know that between the marriage and the assessment, there is a month that passes. I challenge everyone to discover a person in one month. Obviously, it’s impossible…”, she was determined to explain. If everything was going well during the shoot, it was when the cameras flew away that the lovebirds had difficulty continuing their adventure… Indeed, Léa affirms that they were finally not really on the same wavelength, despite the obvious feelings that existed between them. “Then, we each returned to our daily life. And there were points on which we had difficulty progressing at the same time. We had trouble understanding each other sometimes,” she lamented before adding: “We tried to adapt to each other but in the end, one day we realized that we were not happy in a love relationship. And it really broke our hearts. Because we tried…”

The Decision to Move On as Friends

No animosity between them however since it was by mutual agreement that they decided to put a stop to their marriage. “We decided to break up, and that’s why we are on good terms,” she assures. Still in contact, Léa and Emmanuel have therefore decided to continue as friends and for the future, whatever will be!


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