Designer baby stroller: Miki Nadal proudly shows off her stylish ride.


The Joy of Family Travel

Miki Nadal is living a moment of full happiness, the reason? His family. So much happiness that he has embarked, together with them, on a very fun trip to London, in which his daughter Galatea’s comfortable and luxurious stroller has not been missing, since at eight months old, she still needs to walk in her stroller to be able to visit the city in the most appropriate way.

The Perfect Stroller for the Princess

Miki Nadal has shown her how to see the baby tour the English capital! Galatea could not enjoy London more than traveling aboard her luxurious baby stroller. At eight months old, the little one no longer wants to go stretched and, for that reason, her parents have turned the bassinet into a very comfortable and modern chair so that she can see all the scenery and greet everyone. Galatea’s stroller, valued at 1,000 euros, has all the features so that no detail can be missing from the baby: anti-allergenic and breathable mattress, made with waterproof fabric so that the rain does not soak and a reversible seat to be able to place in both directions of the march.

Elegance, Comfort and Versatility

The indispensable requirements to choose a perfect stroller for the princess of the house were elegance, comfort and versatility of the model, as the presenter revealed on his social networks.


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