Estelle & Maximilien: Married at First Sight Reveal if They Stay Married


The Roller Coaster Ride

It has been a roller coaster ride since the start of Married at First Sight 2023 for Estelle (31) and Maximilien (31). The two compatible candidates (80%) have had to face a major crisis.

The Interruption of the Ceremony

And in the episode of June 5 (available on 6Play Max), it was time for them to reveal if they wanted to stay married. They will surely remain in the history of Married at First Sight. If they fell in love at first sight, Bülent came to put his grain of salt in their relationship from the start. After asking the experts to meet the future husband of his daughter before the union (he finally saw his dad), he interrupted the ceremony to talk to Maximilien. He then gave him an ultimatum so that he could decide quickly who of Estelle or him would move so that their relationship would work. And his shadow hovered over the couple during their honeymoon, as the beautiful brunette was constantly thinking about her father’s reaction.

The Crises

This was added to two crises for Estelle and Maximilien. The first for a story of jealousy, during the honeymoon. The second when the sports coach showed his gym to his beloved. The couple almost broke up because of the candidate’s teasing. Faced with this crisis, Maximilien contacted Estelle Dossin. Estelle and he then discussed with the expert. Everyone eventually apologized. Then they tried to enjoy their weekend. They even jumped out of a plane, a moment full of emotion for the inhabitant of Alès. A few days later came the time of the balance sheet with the experts. Estelle made it known that without her father’s agreement, she might not have gone to the end. Enough to worry once more her husband about the grip of Bülent on his daughter. The subject was quickly mentioned by Estelle Dossin and Gilbert Bou Jaoudé, as well as that of jealousy. Maximilien and Estelle assured that it was better since their last crisis. Both of them therefore wish to stay married.


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