Fernando Alonso Melissa Romance: Rumors of Love


Fernando Alonso’s New Love Interest

Fernando Alonso might have his heart occupied again. It is about Melissa Jiménez, with whom he has been relating for a month, when a photo was published in networks where the girl appeared in the background. Luck is smiling at Fernando Alonso both professionally (he has achieved three podiums out of four) and personally: he could have found love again next to the sports journalist, after breaking up with the also communicator Andrea Schlager.

English Journalist Confirms Romance

The English journalist Matthew Thompson, who published an image where the pilot can be seen and in the background a woman whom Thompson believes could be Melissa. Thus, we confirm that Alonso is still in the eye of the hurricane both inside and outside our country.

Will Alonso Confirm the Romance?

Will he confirm his romance with Melissa Jiménez?


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