Fedez Luis Sal: What Happened Between the Two? Rapper’s Version


The Disappearance of Luis Sal

In a video posted on Wild Mushroom’s YouTube channel, Fedez clarified the “disappearance” of Luis Sal. “Finally,” the rapper explains at the beginning of the 15-minute video, “I will give you the much-awaited explanations about the disappearance of Luis from the podcast and also “why I couldn’t do it until now”.

The Genesis of Wild Mushroom

Fedez recalls that “since I started hosting the podcast alone, Luis and I both knew that he would no longer be there and, after three episodes, “I asked Luis’s management not so much to give explanations, but at least to say that Luis would no longer be there,” because “this has irreparably damaged this format a bit”. So much so that “in the comments section of every guest I have brought since he is no longer there, almost exclusively Luis has been talked about and not the guest”. And the result is that “at this moment I am having a lot of trouble finding guests”. On the other hand, “I was not given the opportunity to give explanations. I believe this was done for a very specific and not very correct reason, from my point of view”. The rapper then explains the genesis of Wild Mushroom, clarifying that the podcast was never intended “to make money”.

Sanremo and Mental Health

Then Sanremo came, with the broadcast on Rai2, a “more work-like than fun” parenthesis, a project “strongly wanted by me”, but he clarifies that “neither Luis nor I were paid. All the money was spent on creating the format”. Luis, Fedez remembers, “initially did not agree but then accepted to do it. Personally, it was a complicated and demanding experience because it came at the time when my mental health was not at its best”. At the end of the project, “there was a work discussion, in which I simply pointed out to Luis how, from my point of view, I had the feeling of having to take care of everything and not having felt any support from him. A certainly animated discussion that led us to say, in the end, “let’s take a few weeks to see what to do”. At the end of this week, to my great surprise because I never received alarm bells, Luis sends me a message saying that “the format has taken on a connotation that is more of Federico than of Luis. I feel like dedicating myself to other projects, I no longer want to do the podcast”.


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