Rocio Carrasco, Gloria Camila: A Step Closer Together


Honoring the Memory of Rocío Jurado

A few days ago we saw that Rocío Carrasco had been the great absentee (once again) at a family event the Mohedano were celebrating in Chipiona. Everyone but her was gathering, as every year, to honor the memory of Rocío Jurado, on the 17th anniversary of her death and, also as every year, no trace of the singer’s eldest daughter.

Rocío Carrasco’s Subtle Presence in the Tribute

But now we have learned that, in a subtle way, the entrepreneur has been present in the tribute to her mother. It has been thanks to a post uploaded to Facebook by the “Asociación Cultural RJ, la más grande”, an organization presided by none other than her sister Gloria Camila. From this association they wanted to personally thank Rocío Carrasco and the company that was dedicated to decorating the mausoleum of ‘la Jurado’ for having been so beautiful after the tribute, full of carnations. Were these flowers perhaps a gift from Rocío Carrasco? As president of ‘RJ, la más grande’, Gloria Camila possibly had to personally approve this mention of her sister, a detail that has led us to think that there has been an approach between them or, at least, that they have wanted to have a detail with each other on this significant date.

Protecting the Commercial Brand of Rocío Jurado

Let us remember that Rocío Carrasco’s relationship with this cultural association is anything but good: only a year ago, the universal heir of Rocío Jurado mobilized her legal team when she found out that this group was planning to commercialize a sugar with the face of Rocío Jurado in Chipiona, whose image rights belong to her firstborn. Finally Rocío fulfilled her goal: that the commercial brand (image, name…) of her mother was not used without her prior authorization, as the law stipulates.


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