Florence Pugh body-shaming: Enough is enough.


The Problematic Perception of Florence Pugh’s Body in Oppenheimer

Florence Pugh is in the cast of Christopher Nolan’s latest film Oppenheimer as Jean Tatlock, a young and brilliant student who starts a relationship with J. Robert Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy). Pugh plays this cameo role with her usual emotional richness and her refined ways. However, many on the internet are more interested in her body than her performance. Social media is full of comments about her body, especially after a sex scene with Murphy in which both appear naked. Charles Peralo goes into detail, describing Pugh’s alleged measurements, the actress’s previous comments on her own weight and stating that, according to many viewers, “she had too much belly”. Like us, many of Pugh’s fans are simply fed up with all these comments about the actress’s body and women in general.

The Different Reactions to Cillian Murphy’s Performance

Murphy told GQ that the sex scene was a pivotal point in the film. “I think my character’s relationship with Jean is a crucial emotional passage point. Sex scenes make sense when they’re supportive of a story.” Unfortunately, the reactions to Pugh’s nude scenes are disheartening. Numerous people have seen Pugh’s nude scenes as a golden opportunity to comment on her appearance, launching deeply offensive and provocative insults. As far as this last aspect is concerned, it’s all a paean to his mastery and dedication to the job when it comes to Murphy’s performance. Reactions regarding Murphy’s performance were of a different kind, praised as “enigmatic” and “extraordinary”. The comments for the male protagonist of Oppenheimer are marked by enthusiasm – despite him being the man who invented the atomic bomb – and appreciation for the pounds he lost for the part.

The Need to Let Women Live

That Pugh’s body is being talked about more than her performance in the film is decidedly depressing and tiring. Pugh is a highly regarded actress with an Oscar nomination already under her belt. Many of Pugh’s fans are simply fed up with all these comments about the actress’s body and women in general. “I am really tired,” one woman wrote under Peralo’s TikTok video. “I am honestly tired of all of you… tired of being part of the human race,” another wrote. “Why are we still talking about women’s bodies? Let women live, for heaven’s sake!” a third protested. “This is just ridiculous, guys,” one woman commented on Twitter.


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